Inner Joy Camping Retreat in Czechia

Embrace joy and wanderlust in nature’s sanctuary of Jindřichov!
July 19-22, 2024

3-Night Camping Retreat from 199 EUR ($330 AUD)

A truly unique retreat: Where camping meets yoga

The Happy Buddha team is thrilled to introduce the Inner Joy program to Europe!
Join us July 19-22 for this rare mix of travel, camping, yoga and a whole lot of joy.


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Led by seasoned facilitators, Athil Singh and Natalie Ristoski, who bring over two decades of transformative work from the Australian Blue Mountains, you’ll learn to embrace your very own, Inner Joy!

Escape to the serenity of Jindřichov, Czechia!

This 3-Night camping retreat seamlessly merges the serenity of nature with rejuvenating practices of yoga and meditation creating a truly unique camping experience.

A haven for healing and happiness

A sampling of what you’ll experience with the Happy Buddha crew

This 3-night Inner Joy camping retreat is more than a getaway; it’s a pathway to rediscovering your zest for life amidst the calming beauty of Jindřichov. Surrounded by lush landscapes, you’ll find the space to breathe, reflect, and engage in meaningful practices that nurture your body, mind, and soul.

On the first afternoon we’ll meet and set up camp. Once settled, we’ll gather together for a grounding yoga practice, to stretch and breathe in unison. After a nourishing vegetarian dinner, we’ll enjoy a relaxed evening meditation.

The morning brings sunrise yoga, and during the day there will be an inspiring workshop, followed by a wholesome lunch, free time, and more yoga in the afternoon. In the evening, we’ll meet for dinner and stories around the campfire.

And so we’ll flow with each day. We’ll finish up around midday on the final day, giving you time to travel to your next destination.

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“What made [Inner Joy] extra special was the relaxed and inclusive vibe which was not at all forced nor pretentious which I put down to a genuinely welcoming culture perfectly complemented by an open-hearted cohort of guests/participants.”

~ David (Inner Joy Retreat participant)

What Sets Our Retreat Apart?

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Everyone is Welcome: Our experienced guides employ down-to-earth methods, ensuring self-exploration is accessible to all, regardless of background or prior experience in yoga, meditation, or drumming.

Natural Harmony: The tranquil village of Jindřichov provides the ideal setting for healing, grounding, and reconnecting with nature.

Dynamic Program: From outdoor yoga sessions to rhythmic drumming circles, our retreat offers a diverse range of activities designed to awaken joy and creativity.

Community and Solitude: Whether you seek introspective solitude or the warmth of community, find your perfect balance in our supportive environment. Choose to embark on this journey alone or bring along friends for a shared experience.

In true Happy Buddha style, immerse yourself in a blend of culture, yoga, meditation, and self-discovery.

Only 199 EUR / $330 AUD

Join us for Inner Joy in Jindřichov, Czechia

Jindřichov, Czechia is a crossroads of cultures, making it easily accessible from several major cities across Europe. Whether you’re making a road trip from Prague, Brno, Wrocław, Krakow, Bratislava, or Vienna, your journey will be no more than 4.5 hours drive away.

The program fee includes a rich program of activities, camping space and nutritious vegetarian meals throughout the weekend. (BYO camping gear and yoga mat.)

July 19-22 ~ Spaces for this retreat experience are limited to a maximum of 12 participants.