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Take time out and retreat from your every day.

Get your happy back!

Take time out and retreat from your every day.



Your retreat journey starts here…

One of the most important things you can do in life is to take time out to replenish yourself.

Our retreat programs have been designed to nourish your mind and body, to feel a sense of renewal and tap back into the inner happiness that you deserve.

Whilst you are here, allow yourself to enter into a world of being, rather than doing, deepen your inquiry into a mindfulness practice, to find your inner joy (what sparks you!) and learn how to more effectively cope with the demands of your daily life. We offer all of this and more in the surrounds of the stunning natural landscape of the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia.

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Happy retreaters at Happy Buddha

Feel joy, calm and clarity with our signature program of yoga, meditation insights, drumming, connection and laughter!
Commencing each Wednesday and Friday.

2-night retreat from $549

Next available retreats:
November 24
December 1, 6, 20 & 22
January 1, 3, 5 & 8
Plus more dates into Summer!


Retreaters sit in meditation and silence

Quieten your mind and shine a light on your inner self with silence and meditation.
Held every Friday to Sunday.
Strictly tech-free retreat!

2-night retreat from $649

Next available retreats:
November 24
December 15 & 22
January 5 & 12
Plus more dates into Summer!

And continues here with specialty offerings…

Whether you’re curious about exploring rhythm or crave a deeper dive into sound healing or breathwork, our specialty retreats are sprinkled throughout the year.


Happy retreaters at Happy Buddha

Tap into the undeniably powerful healing qualities of sound, music and vibration.

2-Night Retreat $599


Happy retreaters at Happy Buddha

This is the ideal getaway to feel energised and excited for the new year!

An extended 3-night retreat


Yoga studio at Happy Buddha Retreats

Heal and strengthen your body. Explore ancient warrior arts and harness your inner wisdom.

2-night retreat from $399


Retreaters sit in meditation and silence

A transformative program including breathwork, yoga,
meditation, song circle & journalling.

2-night retreat from $649

A retreat experience in the healing Blue Mountains

Your chance to have time away and connect back to you is closer than you think. Join us for one of our signature retreat programs at Happy Buddha Retreats, Blue Mountains. Our main retreat centre is located just 90-minutes from Sydney and nestled in the stunning Wentworth Falls landscape.

Montage Happy Buddha Retreat near Sydney

Unwind, gain clarity and feel grounded with our accessible short stay retreats near Sydney

This is your chance to re-balance, reconnect and reset. We’re only 1½ hour’s drive from Sydney, located in Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains.

  • Affordable 2-night retreats from $549 per person!
  • Escape the city hustle and bustle to the healing Blue Mountains
  • Connect with a soulful, heartfelt retreat community
  • Feel energised to live an amazing life
  • Stretch out with yoga and open your mind with inspiring workshops
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Choose from a selection of retreat programs including Inner Joy, and Silent Meditation.
  • Retreat from your every day with workshops, meals and twin-share accommodation included
Happy Buddha felt like coming home to a familiar peacefulness that had long been suppressed. Happy Buddha is a breath of fresh air. Much gratitude 🙏☺️
April 2023

Your experience requires no experience.

Happy Buddha Retreats is for everyone. From seasoned yogis to complete beginners, you’ll feel totally welcome, guided and supported whilst at our retreat centre. You have the freedom to do as much or as little as you like! Our hope is that you will connect with and listen to your body’s innate wisdom. This is your time to relax, reconnect and reboot, to surrender to the pause that resets, and to take the rest you deserve so that you can live the rich, full life you deserve.

Enjoy time away in the Blue Mountains and reconnect

We’re more than a yoga retreat! Happy Buddha Retreats is a unique place where in just a short few days you can enjoy time away to  fill your own cup. It’s like a reboot to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. You’ll leave feeling more grounded and connected back to who you are and what you want from this amazing life.

Immersed in sacred bushland there are several walks offering breathtaking views and a chance to commune with nature at its most raw and elemental form…..by sitting with nature, being mindful, and slowing down.

Get your happy back!

We never get tired of seeing our guests arriving with the weight of the world on their shoulders, but leaving with a sense of lightness and serenity. With the huge rise in stress-related illnesses, it make sense to take time out and give your body (and mind) a chance to recover. Experience that feeling of happiness and joy again!

We’re a down-to-earth crew who are passionate about providing guided retreat programs which spark something within. More than a yoga and wellness retreat, think about Happy Buddha Retreats as a getaway to get back to who you are!

Immerse yourself in nature
Welcome to the Blue Mountains and Happy Buddha Retreat near Sydney

A million miles from anywhere – But not far from Sydney

Looking to experience an amazing yoga and meditation retreat close to Sydney? Despite giving the impression that your are far from civilisation, our retreat centre is only 90 minutes drive from Sydney, meaning you can easily factor in a short retreat experience!!

Find your Inner Joy commencing on Wednesday or Friday in the Blue Mountains retreat centre. Or perhaps you would like to Silent Meditation each weekend in our eclectic and cosy communal house (on the same Blue Mountains property).

Combine yoga & meditation insights with real life

Our retreat facilitators have spent many years evolving retreat programs designed to enhance your sense of well-being and promote the flow of prana. Prana is the ancient Sanskrit word for life-force, also known in other eastern cultures as chi or ki. Nurturing this energy brings huge benefits in terms of physical, mental and emotional healing, which will remain with you long after you return to the daily routines of the real world.

Each retreat includes a yoga and meditation insights  ~ where we help you to understand how meditation & mindfulness can reduce stress, and increase clarity in your every day lives.

sunrise at Happy Buddha Yoga Retreat
Happy Buddha Retreat cosy by the fire

Stay in simple but cosy rooms

We’ve set up our rooms with simplicity in mind; perfect for your nightly sleep or when you need an afternoon nap.

If you’re participating in the Inner Joy program you’ll be in the retreat centre and rooms are twin-share with an ensuite bathroom. Rooms have ceiling fans for the warmer months and when the weather gets chilly, our central heating will be at-the-ready.

For retreat programs held in the communal house  (Silent Meditation) your room will be twin-share with communal shared bathroom amenities. We provide fans for spring and summer and blankets for the cooler months.

Relax in our comfortable and spacious retreat accommodation

Welcome to your home away from home in Sydney’s BIue Mountains!

In the past three years we’ve added our own “Happy Buddha boho” style to this chalet style retreat and communal house. Along with two levels of rooms, the centre includes a ‘hidden’ yoga space, quiet zen den, communal dining area, foyer lounge, outdoor patio with tables and of course the swimming pool! The cosy communal house (for the Silent Meditation retreat) also has an eclectic vibe with a ‘dream’ studio, mediation space, communal areas and an outdoor workshop space.

Happy Buddha Retreat cosy by the fire


A 5 star soul discovery journey! I attended this retreat with my best friend to spend some time together…but we got far more out of this retreat. It surprised us! The beautiful facilitator provided a path to understanding ourselves in such a short time. The best therapy I’ve had and I’ve had a lot in my 50 years. Booking in every year for a life-reset!
June 2020

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Feeling so lucky and grateful to have grabbed a spot in the Inner Joy weekend for some yoga, meditation, drumming, and trees! An absolute must-do and only an hour-ish from Sydney 💕 Thank you thank you thank you!!
April 2023

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