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Blue Mountains Health and Yoga Retreat Centre

Relax, rest and rejuvenate with us.

Looking for a health and yoga retreat experience near Sydney?

The chance to re-balance, relax and reset is closer than you think. We’re only 1½ hour’s drive from Sydney, located in Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains. Happy Buddha Retreats offers you a peaceful and unique opportunity to leave behind the busyness of everyday life and reconnect with yourself – all in breathtaking natural surrounds.

Our 2-day holistic yoga and health retreats allow you to work on mind-body-soul nourishment. Learn how to let go & feel a sense of connection again. You’ll come away with a smile and will feel re-energised for day-to-day life.

At Happy Buddha Retreats we love what we do, and we love sharing it with you!

You will feel welcomed and comfortable from the second you walk through our doors. You’ll be treated to an amazing program including well-being workshops, daily yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions, fun drumming circle, nourishing meals and nature walks.

Happy Buddha Retreats is your place to nourish your body and reset your mind. Experience a renewed sense of health and wellness, and to feel totally relaxed, rested and rejuvenated.

Our retreats are more than simply yoga and meditation! They focus on activities to nourish your mind, body and spirit and awaken a sense of true happiness.

Why choose Happy Buddha Yoga Retreats?

Comfortable and peaceful accommodation for two nights.

Lush green nature as far as the eye can see.

Daily yoga classes for beginners to advanced yogis.

Nourishing and delicious vegetarian meals.

Fun, enriching and inspiring activities.

Gift Vouchers

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Your stay at Happy Buddha Retreats includes:

Our yoga, health and wellness retreats offer something for everyone!

  • 2-Nights twin-share accommodation with private en-suite in each room.
  • Delicious home-cooked vegetarian meals for all three days.
  • 2 Intermediate Vinyasa yoga classes
  • 2 General Hatha yoga classes
  • 2 Guided Yoga Nidra meditation classes.
  • 1 Yin yoga class
  • Drumming Circle Workshop: Feel your heartbeat and find your inner rhythm, no experience necessary!
  • Meditation and mindfulness talk and insights.
  • Bush Walks: Take a mindful bush walk to our own spectacular waterfall.
  • Cooking Tips: Our chefs are always happy to give you tips on how to create simple yet delicious vegetarian meals.
  • Plenty of smiles and laughter!

There will always be ample time and space for you to relax. Swim in the pool, read a book, or have a tea by the fire. If nature beckons; then picturesque mountain views, a shimmering lake, and flowing waterfalls all await you in our backyard.

All of our retreats are about finding your inner place of joy and peace, and getting back to the simple life.

Every single week we have a midweek and weekend retreat with prices start at just $299 per person! Check out our upcoming retreats and current special prices today.

Is it time to reconnect?

Do you often feel frustrated by the daily grind? Or perhaps the never ending challenges of life are getting too much for you? Are you finding you can only bend so far before you’re in real danger of (emotionally) snapping? Or perhaps you are dealing with a stressful personal or family situation that is crushing the joy out of your life? And maybe you have worked all the hours under the sun, enjoyed great success in your career but still notice a profound sense of emptiness?.If this sounds like you, and your life is out of balance, there is more to life! Now is the time to take some time-out for you. We’ll help you uncover your true happiness – all in the amazingly beautiful surroundings of the Blue Mountains. Book now for your 2-Night midweek or weekend retreat.

Enjoy a healing health retreat in the Blue Mountains

Recharge your physical, emotional and spiritual batteries on the healing land of the Blue Mountains.

Our stunning yoga retreat centre in Wentworth Falls is immersed in sacred bushland with a spectacular waterfall only 15min walk away. There are also many other walks offering breathtaking views and a chance to commune with nature at its most raw and elemental form.

A million miles from anywhere – But only 1.5hrs drive from Sydney

Looking for an amazing yoga retreat experience near Sydney? Despite giving the impression that your are far from civilisation, our retreat centre is only 90minutes drive from Sydney, meaning you can easily factor in a 2-Night experience!! Arrive on the Monday for our midweek retreat and finish up on Wednesday morning. Or join us for a weekend, arriving after work on Friday, and getting back home in time for dinner on Sunday night.

Experience your inner joy!

Each midweek and weekend retreat offers two days of yoga, meditation, workshops, contemplation and plenty of laughter, combined with organic vegetarian meals to feed your body and soul.

We never get tired of seeing our guests arriving with the weight of the world on their shoulders, but leaving with a sense of lightness and serenity. With the huge rise in stress-related illnesses, it make sense to take time out and give your body (and mind) a chance to recover. Experience that feeling of happiness and inner joy again! Check out retreat schedule for dates and special retreat events that suit you.

Combine yoga and meditation

Our retreat facilitators have spent many years evolving retreat programs designed to enhance your sense of well-being and promote the flow of prana. Prana is the ancient Sanskrit word for life-force, also known in other eastern cultures as chi or ki. Nurturing this energy brings huge benefits in terms of physical, mental and emotional healing, which will remain with you long after you return to the daily routines of the real world. We run regular retreats at our centre throughout the year and our staff will be happy to help you decide on the best option for you.

Relax in our comfortable and spacious retreat accommodation

Relax in our inviting communal areas, including our new zen room, and dine with your retreat friends and enjoy delicious vegetarian meals prepared by the talented chefs. And then, with the days’ wonderful activities behind you, retire to your cosy room and sleep restfully, knowing balance is being restored.

Your experience requires no experience.

Happy Buddha Retreats are for everyone. From seasoned yogis to complete beginners, you’ll feel totally welcome, guided and supported. You have the freedom to do as much or as little as you like, our hope being that you will connect with and listen to your body’s innate wisdom. This is your time to relax and reboot, to surrender to the pause that resets, and to take the rest you deserve so that you can live the rich, full life you deserve.

Take inspiration from Athill Singh’s personal spiritual journey

You sometimes find that life’s trials and tribulations bear unexpected fruit and lead you on paths that you would never have chosen, had these challenges not reared their ugly heads. In Athill’s case the catalyst was the excruciating lower back pain he once suffered, which led to feelings of stress that in turn fed the original pain, in a vicious circle of suffering. In desperation Athill turned to the ancient Indian practice of yoga. Yoga is far more than a number of painful looking postures (known as asanas) but actually a holistic system encompassing not just physical but also mental and spiritual practices, which combine to significantly increase health and wellbeing over a period of time.


Where is the retreat ?

Our relaxing retreat centre is nestled in the Blue Mountains, approximately 90 minutes by car or 2 and a half hours by train from Sydney city. The nearest town is Wentworth Falls and is only a short 10 minute walk from the retreat. Our address is: Happy Buddha Retreats, 50 Railway Parade, Wentworth Falls. We have big Happy Buddha Retreat signs at the entrance so you can’t miss us!

What is the retreat schedule like?

We run midweek retreats (Monday to Wednesday) as well as weekend retreats (Friday to Sunday). Check-in on the first day is at 5pm and checkout is at 1pm on the last day. For further details, please check our time table

What is the accommodation like?

All rooms comfortable and have an ensuite bathroom. If you’re a solo retreater you will be paired with another retreater of the same demographic in a twin share room, or you can upgrade to your own room for $199 extra. When attending the retreat with a friend or a partner, let us know at the time of the booking so that we make sure we make your bedding arrangement right (twin or double). Rooms are warm and heated during cooler months and cool with a ceiling fan Summer and Spring.

How can I make sure I am in the same room as my friend?

While going through the booking process, there will be a field called “Attending With”. Just type the name of your friend and you will be paired together in the same room.

What are the activities?

Our yoga and meditation classes are suitable for ALL levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. There are also other activities such as drumming circles, guided meditations, and self-guided hikes. You may also want to take a dip in the swimming pool or book in for a relaxing massages (extra cost). All activities (including yoga) are optional and our guests are free to occupy their time however they want, after all, this stay is all about YOU.

I have never done yoga, can I join?

Yes, you can! Our yoga and meditation classes are suitable to ALL levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners and you’ll feel included in our classes. If a pose is challenging, we recommend listening to your body and if you need to, just take a lie down or child’s pose (kneeling seat and bowing forward into a comfortable position).

Do I have to attend all classes?

Even though we recommend attending most classes to get the full benefits of the retreat, all classes are optional and our guests are free to occupy their time however they want.

Do you offer massages?

Our wonderful massage therapists offer massages on the second day of the retreat. You can book your massage through an email that will be sent to you 2 days before the retreat starts. Prices are $110 an hour, or $65 for half an hour; payment has to be made to the masseuse on the day in cash only.

How can I get to Wentworth Falls by public transport?

You can catch a train from Sydney Central to Wentworth Falls. Exit on the right hand side and follow the path in between the fences; keep walking down the road for 15 minutes and you’re there. You can also book a cab by calling Leura Radio Cabs (02) 4782 1311.

Can we arrive earlier than 5pm?

As our friendly team are working on housekeeping and retreat preparation, we kindly ask our guests to arrive shortly before or after 5pm. You are, however, welcome to drop your bags earlier during the day, go for a bush walk and come back for check-in at 5pm. Please make sure to inform us in advance
info@happybuddharetreats.com.au if this is what you intend to do.

Can we depart later than 1pm?

Your room has to be free by 1pm. However you can stay longer in our venue and/or go for a bush walk. Please note that our staff will be busy with housekeeping and that the yoga facilities can’t be used.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

All yoga mats and props are provided so you don’t need to bring your own.

What should I bring?
  • Swimmers
  • Beach towel
  • Loose comfortable clothing
  • Shorts
  • Sport / walking shoes
  • Shower gel / shampoo
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Other personal toiletries
I have specific dietary requirements; can I come?

Our food is 100% vegetarian and freshly made. We do our best to adapt to any kind of dietary requirements so please let us know if you have an allergies or food intolerances. When going through the booking process just include your dietary requirements in the dedicated field.

Can I bring my kids?

In order to keep a consistent group and to enable everyone to speak freely during the meditation talks, the minimum age to take part in our retreat is 16 years old.

Can I stay longer than 3 days?

You can stay longer than three days if you’re booking two retreats in a row: Friday – Sunday and Monday – Wednesday. The extra night on Sunday will be charged $110 per person. Please note that no meals will be served on the Sunday or on the Monday.

If I book and can’t make it, can I reschedule?

When booking on our website you are able to reschedule your retreat one time for free. Any further rescheduling will be charged $25 per person.

Is the pool heated?

Our pool is not heated. Nice and fresh!

Can I come with my dog?

In order to create a safe space for everyone and in case of allergy, dogs are not allowed in our venue. Even when they are very small.

Why can’t we drink alcohol?

This three days are for everyone to take a step back with a clear mind. Our retreat is 100% alcohol free in order to create the same safe space for all our retreaters.

I don’t speak english very well, can I join?

We have had non-English speakers attend  retreats, however, you will need to be able to follow the instructions given during the yoga classes and we encourage all retreaters to partake in meditation talks. So it all depends on you, whether you feel able to do this or not.

Do you have Wifi?

We don’t have wifi at the retreat although there is good mobile reception available. However, we do encourage our guests to take a step back and to disconnect from technology for the time of their retreat.

Do you have a laundry?

There is no laundry facility for our guests. Any emergency laundry can be done at the laundromat in Wentworth Falls (15 minute walk).

I am pregnant, can I join?

Yes you can, however, we would recommend you speak to your medical practitioner if you have specific concerns. Our yoga teachers will help you to adapt any poses to ensure they are done safely during your pregnancy.

Our retreats fill up and sell out quickly. Don’t miss out, book your Happy Buddha Retreat today.

You deserve to gain the balance, calmness, and tranquility that’s been missing in your life.

What our participants say

Had THE MOST AMAZING TIME at this retreat. I had never done yoga before, and actually went because the food looked nice and I needed a break. The yoga was beautiful, the food was unbelievably fabulous. Basically, just get there!
May 20, 2018
The staff were lovely, the view was amazing, the waterfall was spectacular and the food was outstanding. Great weekend to unwind away from the hectic city. Yin Yoga was an absolute highlight for me and I loved that every level of experience was able to join in to any session.
May 07, 2018
Just spent a blissful weekend at Happy Buddha and am already planning my next trip…There is just the right balance of organised activities and free time and I loved that there was no pressure to attend everything. I felt like I had the best of both worlds with a lot of privacy but also the opportunity to connect with others.
June 24, 2018
A relaxed atmosphere and a happy environment indeed where you decide how involved you wish to be! A retreat well worth all the time, to recharge oneself .... a comfortable place with lovely views and healthy, wholesome food. Highly recommend it!
December 29, 2017
I had an awesome time. Such a beautiful location, great facilities and staff. The yoga, meditation and drumming was fun and relaxing. The massage was the best! And it was amazing to meet such nice kind people who attended also!
May 07, 2018
This retreat I would fully recommend ... it was just amazing in every way. Along with my sister we were fortunate to have sunshine & surrounded by happy people. We came home relaxed, energised and joyful! Thank you to all the Happy Buddha team - you all went "above & beyond"!
May 23, 2018
Never having been to a retreat, I had booked in for this not really knowing what to expect. After spending 2 days here, I can sum up this experience in one word ... bliss! From the moment you drive into the property to the moment you leave, you experience an incredible feeling of peace and serenity.
April 25, 2018
Thank you from my heart for a truly wonderful yoga retreat weekend. My mind, body and soul feel lovingly nurtured and recharged! Thank you Athill and Sarah for all of the superb yoga sessions. They were all interesting and varied.
June 25, 2018

Happy Buddha Retreats is a relaxing and healing sanctuary only 1.5hrs drive out of Sydney and 10 minutes walk to Wentworth Falls train station in the Blue Mountains of NSW.


50 Railway Parade, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782

Phone: +61 285406513