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Yoga is great!

Ok, maybe yogi isn’t the right word to describe me, but it’s a start.

I’ve been doing yoga for 5-6 years. It was never something I’d thought about, but sometimes something sticks – and that’s what happened. I was studying and during a break, ended up talking to another student. Somehow the conversation moved from study to health, exercise, and then yoga. The moment that stuck… the moment they said “I think you’re someone who’d really enjoy Yoga.”

There was nothing special in the comment, but somehow it landed and ignited my curiosity. I googled some articles on yoga; some raved, others ‘warned’, and I don’t know what others were even saying. At the gym, a notice advertising a Yoga class caught my eye, and that was step two. I eventually got to that class (I’ll share that adventure later) and somehow continued on.

Before you put me in the crazy, new-age, yogi box; let me explain. I like yoga. I really enjoy it, but my life often detours and changes path. Yoga was a weekly 90-minute class that allowed me to be uncontactable (aka my mobile was turned off… silent); I used it to somehow centre myself and clear my head, even if only during class. I liked, maybe needed the structure of a class; being told what to do, not thinking of what’s next. It suited me and my lifestyle.


I’ve tried using yoga apps, and at times they’re great; other times I’ve wanted to throw the automated voice across the room and yell at them to explain it properly. Note: doing yoga doesn’t always bring me a sense of inner peace – sometimes, I should just run. Also, if I’m angry/annoyed; yoga isn’t for me – being quiet with my thoughts… that’s like brewing a strong coffee, it sometimes gets bitter.

On a trip to India (I have family there), I put doing yoga on my “want-to-do’s” list. Near the end of the trip, I enrolled in a five-day course. My eyes were opened to the fact my idea of yoga was only one view. Of course, I was disappointed I’d be breathing for 2 hours each morning – to me that wasn’t yoga, it was some crazy activity that made me sleepy (more oxygen in the body is tiring). What I did realise, eventually, was this was as much a workout for my mind and body as the yoga I knew.

I’ve meet some interesting people around yoga; one guy somehow radiated a sense of peace (either yoga or he was on something), I’ve sat with others as they taught breathing yoga, I’ve been told in classes that I must’ve done yoga, and figured out that maybe once you know the poses somehow your body gets it right.

All that being said, I haven’t done yoga for a while. At the moment, life seems to have gotten in the way, and while I understand the importance of practice, health benefits, my body craves the full-body stretch; sometimes I just don’t do it. Maybe yogi isn’t the right word for me; but be sure that I’ll give you an authentic view as someone who advocates for yoga (Yoga is great!) and enjoys yoga even if that’s only occasionally.

Hannah Bruce

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