A Sample Day At Happy Buddha Yoga Weekend Retreats


5:00 Arrival, settle in | 7:00 Dinner | 8:00 Welcome introduction | 8:30 Relaxation Meditation


7:30 Hatha yoga and Meditation | 9:00 Breakfast | 9:45 Meditation Talk | 10:30 Bouddi Coastal Walk | 11:30 Free Time
1:00 Lunch | 2:00 Fun Activity | 3:00 Free time | 5:30 Hatha Yoga and Meditation | 7:00 Dinner | 8:30 Yoga Nidra – Relaxation


7:30 Hatha Yoga and Meditation | 9:00 Breakfast | 10:00 Group closing

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athill Singh

Inner Joy Retreat- Athill Singh

Your host and instructor, Athill Singh, provides practical sessions that don’t require students be an acrobat or a follower of any religion or structure. Athill’s yoga and meditation classes are designed to help students build strength and flexibility in a way that nurtures and encourages composure between mind and body. Athill works with students, teaching them any positions with which they may not be familiar. He gently guides each person through asanas designed to bring clarity, calmness, and centeredness. Athill believes life is simple – follow what you love and replenish and rejuvenate your spirit! Book Today

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