June 17, 2013 - 02:21
What a great weekend for all that attended the last retreat at Glenrock National Park. To see all the photo’s from a very special weekend please visit the Happy Buddha Retreats Facebook Page. A special thanks to for their special contribution of teaching through Dance and Music. and to for bringing your passion of Mens Circles to the retreat. Thanks again to all involved and hope to see you all soon. xxx


A Sample Day At Happy Buddha Yoga Weekend Retreats


5:00 Arrival, settle in | 7:00 Dinner | 8:00 Welcome introduction | 8:30 Relaxation Meditation


7:30 Hatha yoga and Meditation | 9:00 Breakfast | 9:45 Meditation Talk | 10:30 Bouddi Coastal Walk | 11:30 Free Time
1:00 Lunch | 2:00 Fun Activity | 3:00 Free time | 5:30 Hatha Yoga and Meditation | 7:00 Dinner | 8:30 Yoga Nidra – Relaxation


7:30 Hatha Yoga and Meditation | 9:00 Breakfast | 10:00 Group closing

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