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Community Drum Circle Ashfield

Sunday 28th of September, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Beats 905 Dance Studio, 40 Milton St, Ashfield

Happy Buddha Circle is for everyone!. Adults $10,Children and teens entry for free. Come and have the opportunity to grab a drum and learn some drum basics while
sharing in community (or bring your own drum… most recommended!)… or dance and get inspired and wild within the circle while others are holding the rhythm for you

Guided by the amazing drum teacher Athill Lion Singh and the great dancer Nat Riaga, go on an amazing journey of passion, sharing and unity with life and music.

Tickets are $10, Kids Free

Get your tickets on EVENTBRITE and we can bring you a drum or bring your own drum and pay at the door

The Drum Circle will be held once per month to start

Why a drumming workshop?

Through the creative process of drumming, participants are given the opportunity to create fun and joyful rhythmic expressions, while promoting collaboration
and uplifting team morale.

Participants engage and collaborate on a common goal – to create a synergy of energetic beats together. Drumming is for everyone – no experience or rhythmic
ability is necessary.

In a one-hour program, this hands-on, interactive experience can achieve a team dynamic that participants will then carry back to their everyday work environment
and talk about for weeks to come!

What happens during a drumming workshop?

A drumming workshop consists of an experienced drum facilitator and a support facilitator who lead a “Drum Circle”. Participants are each given their own
African drum to play, and sit in a chair and facing each other forming a circle. This arrangement creates a “level playing field” to give every participant equal
exposure and opportunity to be heard, be they a graduate or a CEO. The facilitator leads the group through a series of hands-on, interactive group exercises
including basic drumming, call and response, leading and following, volume and dynamics, percussive beats and body percussion.

The Drum Circle workshop can take place anywhere – provided there is enough space for participants to sit in a circle facing each other.
Drum circles can range from small (5-6 people) to enormous (200 people) – each and every Drum Circle is a unique experience!

What do participants gain from participating in a drumming workshop?

Drumming is a fantastic team-building exercise because it:

  • Promotes co-operation between participants
  • Demonstrates how an individual’s contribution can impact the overall performance of an entire team
  • Encourages clear communication – as participants are constantly looking, listening and acknowledging each other
  • Motivates interaction between participants, hence improving relationships
  • Defines a common ground and level playing field, regardless of background or professional level
  • Provides a playful environment for experiential learning
  • Empowers participants
  • Relaxes and energizes participants, which leads to increased motivation and focus
  • Promotes synergy – the more the participants collaborate, the better the team’s performance
  • Inspires participants to incorporate their unique creativity into the group with great benefits
  • Creates an uplifting atmosphere of celebration in the workplace, generated by the staff themselves!

Who will lead the Drum Circle?

Lead Drum Circle Facilitator, Athill Singh holds over 15 years’ experience in leading and facilitating drum circles, and brings his balanced experience of corporate,
yoga and meditation teaching backgrounds to create a unique corporate team-building teaching style.

Athill’s drumming journey began at the Royal Easter Show, where he and his crew used pots and pans as musical instruments to create attention and promote
Red Meat Australia! Since this spark of musicality, Athill has trained with Arthur Hull in Hawaii and for the past four years
has worked closely with Drumbeats Director Angela Grima.

Athill has trained and worked among the best drum facilitators in Sydney. Athill has facilitated drumming groups of up to 200 adults with companies such as NRMA,
Commonwealth Bank Australia, American Express, Ernst and Young, Woolworths, Wesfarmers, The Lions Club and The Salvation Army. Athill also facilitates children’s
drumming workshops for schools and school holiday programs.