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Coconut oil seems to be the super food that hasn’t become just a past memory, it’s still talked about often and still just as popular as ever. I’ve been cooking with it for a few years with great success, I prefer it over every other oil, not just because of the health benefits but because it’s much nicer to cook with. I love the taste however I buy the unflavoured one as my son isn’t too fond of the flavour. Coconut oil is also a great replacement in cooking for butter, at Happy Buddha Retreats, they use coconut oil to make some of the delicious meals as well as in their Bliss Ball Dessert.

I have read lots of articles about coconut oils many other uses however I had never tested any of them out. After becoming very conscious of the fact that our skin is our largest organ and everything that is put on it is absorbed in to our body I started paying close attention to everything that I was putting on my skin. When I began to take note I realised there were quite a lot of products and all of them contained lots of nasty chemicals! Here is the list of things that I use on a daily basis;

  • Face moisturiser
  • Body moisturiser
  • Foundation
  • Roll on deodorant
  • Spray deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Body wash
  • Face cleanser
  • Face toner
  • Shaving cream

The thought of how many nasties were being absorbed in to my body each and every day prompted me to find healthier alternatives. To ensure my success and avoid overwhelming myself I set out to replace just one product at a time with a healthier alternative. I decided that deodorant would be my first trial, I had read that coconut oil worked well for deodorant so that was what I tried! The results are amazing! I simply melt some coconut oil by putting my jar in a sink of hot water and then rub a small amount under each arm each morning. It stops me sweating provided I don’t do any vigorous exercise, if I exercise I have found I do sweat a small amount and start to smell a little. All in all though it’s awesome and I continue to use coconut oil instead of traditional roll on and spray deodorants. I also found that my clothes don’t get stained or ruined with build up as they do with other deodorants. Reflecting back and thinking about the damage deodorant does to my clothes it makes me wonder what it was doing to my arm pits which are much more sensitive than the material of my clothing! I’ve heard of arm pit detoxing and it sounds very interesting, I think this is something I will try in the future.


Next cab of the rank was my facial moisturiser and since I had great results with coconut oil in my first experiment I thought I would try it for this one too. Each morning after having my shower, melting my coconut oil and using it on my arm pits I started rubbing it on to my face, not too much as it does feel greasy. It took a week or two to get use to the feeling of it but now I love it, not only does it make my skin feel great it has actually reduced the fine lines that I had on my forehead and around my eyes. I am truly amazed by this factor especially since it was not something I had expected. My friends and husband noticed the changes on my face, my husband was so impressed that he started using it on his own skin! I have normal skin but I do have blackheads on my nose so I don’t put the oil on my nose.

I was having such great success and enjoying falling in love with coconut oil all over again when I found out I was pregnant! I was super excited and became even more conscious of what I was putting on my skin as I was aware of everything I was doing to my body was also passed to my precious little person growing on the inside.

Combining my new venture of replacing chemical laden products as well as my new venture as being an expectant mum I thought it most appropriate that body moisturiser was my next target. On a roll with coconut oil I once again decided this would be the first thing I would try. Each morning after my shower and putting my beloved oil on my arm pits and face I would also rub it in to my arms, legs, tummy and chest. This was 5 months ago and my skin feels beautiful! I am also happy to report that there is no sign of stretch marks and I am 27 weeks and 7kgs gained in to my pregnancy.

I also tried adding it to my hair after I had washed and dried it, this is either a bad idea or I used way too much, I think the latter is true. The next time I washed my hair I used it as a treatment and washed it out, my hair was silky soft and healthy looking afterwards which is great as I have been foiling my hair blonde for the past 4 years.

I use about one bottle every two months and it costs around $10. Only $10 for body and face moisturiser as well as deodorant for two months!!! That just adds another awesome reason for me to keep up my new discoveries!  I use organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil.

Wishing you health and happiness

J Trish

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