Mindfulness Makes You More Creative

Woudn’t it be nice if new creative ideas flowed effortlessly any time we needed them? Unfortunately, for most of us this is not the reality. We often feel stuck and go over the same situations in our mind again and again with the same result (or lack of result). Can mindfulness help is find new [...]

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Reflections: Becoming Intimate With All Of Life

How do we become really intimate with everything that we are experiencing? How do we learn to stop our avoiding and shutting down and escaping – all ways of not being present with what is? Intimacy. Sometimes paraphrased as: In To Me See. What does that word bring up for you? Do you automatically think [...]

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Mindfulness and Technology: Can They Co-Exist?

Technology is thought to be the ultimate villain when it comes to mindfulness. We spend too much time on Facebook, check our phones constantly and reach for Google any time a question pops into our mind. With so many distractions, how is one to remain mindful? Yet, technology is not good or bad. It’s simply [...]

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Reflections: Creating Daily Rituals

What do you consider to be a daily ritual? We already have in place certain daily rituals that may not seem like a ritual. Each morning, we brush our teeth, for example. We do it without thinking, because having clean teeth is seen as a basic necessity for a good-feeling body. We also usually have [...]

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Blue Zone Secrets to a Longer and Healthier Life

The Blue Zones are areas where people live longer and enjoy better health than anywhere on Earth. A high percentage of the population there lives to be 90-100 years old or more. Journalist Dan Buettner together with the National Geographic uncovered five areas/communities that fulfil the Blue Zone criteria: Barbagia, Sardinia, Ikaria, Greece, Nicoya Peninsula, [...]

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Turn Your Inner Critic into a Friend

There is one person that has been your constant companion in joy and sadness from the moment you were born. That person is you. You are unique and wonderful, you’ve always been there for yourself and you deserve to be your own best, most trusted friend. Yet, your inner critic will tell you that other [...]

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The Power of Choosing Mindfully

Every day we are faced with thousands of choices, big and small. We don’t even notice most of them. We choose the same food for breakfast we usually eat, take the same road to work, automatically ask the question ‘How are you?’ when we meet someone and turn on the TV at night without even [...]

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