Happy Buddha’s Guide to a Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season

The holiday season is about kindness, generosity and connecting with the people we love, but many of us will also describe it as a time of stress, crazy schedules and thinning budgets. How do we embrace happiness and peace season? We’ve put together this short guide for you. Focus on what’s important to you We [...]

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What’s the Big Deal about Mindfulness

The word ‘mindfulness’ is everywhere these days and everyone, including our Happy Buddha team, is encouraging you to be more mindful. But what does it mean to be mindful? And why is it important? What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment without judgement. When you are mindful, you are paying attention [...]

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Being Kind to Yourself: Why It Matters

When it comes to others, we understand that no one is perfect and that people don’t always make great choices. We are willing to accept our loved ones with all their flaws. Sure, they drive us crazy sometimes, but even then we measure our responses to make sure we don’t hurt them too much or, [...]

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Mindfulness at Work

When you’re at a retreat, everything there is designed to help you immerse yourself into the present moment: the settings, the program, the food, the atmosphere. But then you return to work. Full inbox, a million tasks screaming for your attention, phones ringing… How do you remain mindful in this environment? Focus on one task [...]

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Finding Balance: On and Off the Mat

It seems that the conversation about balance is everywhere: work-life balance, balance in our relationships, health and even diet. But what does balance mean? How will we know when we find it? A quick check in the online dictionary reveals that balance is: An even distribution of weight enabling someone to remain upright and steady [...]

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