Account Your Blessings

A child’s smile. A ray of sunshine caressing your cheek. Morning dew shimmering on a rose bud. The rich taste of a freshly cooked stew. Moving with your breath through a yoga flow. These are all experiences that brings us happiness and peace if we allow ourselves to enjoy them; often we don’t. We’ve been [...]

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Another hit on our Friday dinner

Another hit on our Friday dinner last retreat at Wiseman Ferry was this rendition of Vegan Palak paneer or Palak tofu. My twist on this very yummy dish is the addition of kale which deepen the flavour of the palak sauce and also add to the nutritional value of the dish with the wonderful health [...]

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5 Ways Yoga Keeps You Healthy

Just a few decades ago, yoga and modern medicine seemed to exist on different planets, but change is under way. Yoga’s increasing popularity has attracted the attention of scientists and medical professionals. An ever-growing body of research examines how yoga can affect every aspect of your health; and some of the findings will surprise you. [...]

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The First Yoga Class

The First Class I’m not sure where the courage came from, but somehow I ended up at yoga class alone. I walked in, expecting only women (it was a woman’s only gym), under the impression that yoga’s a girly thing (no offence). I also thought it was basically a stretch class, a really long one [...]

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Music Meditation Kirtan Event

By Donation -  Music Meditation Kirtan Event, The second Sunday of every month at Lentils As Anything Newtown Join 'Blissful Sounds', Cat ( Yoga Teacher ) , Athill ( Facilitator from Happy Buddha Yoga and Meditation Retreats )  & Arthur ( Guitarist )  11th October Sunday 5.20pm in Newtown, Lentils As Anything Restaurant - Upstairs [...]

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil seems to be the super food that hasn’t become just a past memory, it’s still talked about often and still just as popular as ever. I’ve been cooking with it for a few years with great success, I prefer it over every other oil, not just because of the health benefits but because it’s much nicer [...]

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Yoga is great!

Ok, maybe yogi isn’t the right word to describe me, but it’s a start. I’ve been doing yoga for 5-6 years. It was never something I’d thought about, but sometimes something sticks – and that’s what happened. I was studying and during a break, ended up talking to another student. Somehow the conversation moved from [...]

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