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About Happy Buddha Yoga Retreats

Happy Buddha founder host and instructor, Athill Singh, provides practical sessions that don’t require students be an acrobat or a follower of any religion or structure. His journey with yoga and meditation was inspired by pain. Athill suffered from back pain and stress. One condition fueled the other. He has used yoga to strengthen his muscles, improve his posture and balance. Now, he shares his knowledge with others so they can overcome painful conditions, achieve overall body conditioning and personal well-being.

Athill’s yoga and meditation classes are designed to help students build strength and flexibility in a way that nurtures and encourages composure between mind and body. Athill works with students, teaching them any positions with which they may not be familiar. He gently guides each person through asanas designed to bring clarity, calmness, and centeredness.
Athill believes life is simple – follow what you love and replenish and rejuvenate your spirit!

Read what my happy clients are saying and become one!

Happy Buddha Retreats is an sanctuary, a contemplative refuge within walking distance to Killcare Beach on the NSW Central Coast. Our sanctuary is designed to accommodate up to ten people and provide a safe and supportive environment for you. So that you can explore a path of deepened awareness, to nourish your soul, enliven your creativity and awaken your life force.

We welcome people of all ages, religions and stages of the journey with open arms. Anybody with curiosity about a simple way of living and an interest in self-discovery. We offer an enriching blend of retreats for up to 18 people per weekend. Our sanctuary is the perfect blank canvas for you to retreat, reflect and rediscover a sense of balance, compassion and kindness.

Our mission is to create a culture of generosity and warmth. A contemplative place for everyone that is rooted in sacred wisdom.