7 Signs You Need to Go on a Retreat

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7 Signs You Need to Go on a Retreat

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While going on a retreat is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself and your dreams, find some peace and meet new friends, most of us can’t do it every weekend (wouldn’t that be nice?). So how do we know when it’s time? Here are some clues.

1)    You feel that you’re too busy to go on a retreat.

You’re spinning your wheels, completing task after task with no end in sight. You don’t feel like you’re achieving much, but you worry that if you stop, all these tasks will pile up and burry you on your return to work.

2)    You’re tired all the time.

As soon as you come home from work, you pop yourself in front of the TV and that’s all you can do, you have no energy left for anything else. You keep on promising yourself to start exercising and eating right, but it just feels too hard.

3)    You don’t know what you want.

Even if you had a bit of free time, you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. Nothing seems enjoyable anymore and your hobbies have become a distant childhood memory.

4)    Your relationships are a mess.

Everyone annoys you. Your biggest wish at the moment is to find yourself on a deserted island and never see another person again.

5)    You don’t like yourself anymore.

Where’s the spark? Where’s your fun personality? You don’t feel you’re the person you used to be.

6)    Your thoughts are boring you.

You keep on thinking the same thoughts over and over again. They revolve mainly about your daily life and the things you’re most worried about. You don’t like it, but you don’t know how to send your mind in a different direction. You haven’t felt a flicker of curiosity for a long time.

7)    You know there has to be more to life.

Deep down you know that there must be a simpler, easier way of living, but you simply can’t imagine what it might be.

A pretty grim picture, right? It’s best if you don’t wait to experience all of the above (it’s not fun!) before you schedule some time for yourself. If you can identify with one or a couple of these symptoms, give us a call! When your joy, energy and creativity are running low, it’s hard to find the motivation to take yourself out of the rut on your own.

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