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Yoga Retreats NSW

Yoga Retreats Sydney New South Wales

Open yourself up to a calmer, gentler and more authentic way of living with Happy Buddha Yoga Retreats. The premium yoga retreat in NSW.

It’s through the practice of mindfulness that we can glimpse our unconditional goodness and ground ourselves in compassion and well-being.

As we wander through the wild landscapes both inside of us and in nature, we will work on our physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment over the weekend. We will develop insight and open our hearts to the possibilities of wellness, compassion and peace.

Attend one of our retreats with no big goals or expectations. Instead enter into a world of being rather than doing. Deepen your inquiry into mindfulness practice and deal more effectively with the demands of your daily life.

Our retreats are more than simply yoga and meditation. They focus on activities to nourish your mind, body and spirit and awaken the prana and life-force inside of you.

Every Happy Buddha Yoga Retreats include:

  • Comfortable and peaceful accommodation for two nights.
  • Lush and delectable home-cooked and organic vegetarian food.
  • Friendly and supportive guidance from our staff.
  • A relaxed and informal programme of activities.
  • Accommodation for up to 18 people per retreat.

Happy Buddha Retreat

Healing your Spirit and Relaxing your mind away from the today’s stress-filled lifestyles

Rejuvenate at Happy Buddha Yoga Retreat NSW

Each weekend retreat features different healing modalities:

  • Yoga Sessions: Suitable for beginners to advanced yogis.
  • Meditation Sessions: Suitable for beginners to experienced practitioners.
  • Beach Activities: Including surfing, walking and swimming at nearby Killcare Beach.
  • Mindful Hiking Sessions: Through the nearby magnificent cliff, beach and forest wilderness.
  • Cooking Tips: Learn how to nourish yourself inside and out when you experience how simple vegetarian foods can be really tasty.

We offer a wealth of nourishing activities at Happy Buddha Retreats, such as drumming circles, meditation through movement, mindful hikes, yoga and vegetarian cooking classes. Treat yourself to a healing modality or have some quiet time to yourself, it’s up to you!

All of our retreats are about finding your inner place of joy and connection to the universe, and getting back to the simple life.

We have sessions on almost every week. Take one. We promise you will love it!

Yoga Retreats Sydney

Do you often feel that the daily grind of your commute to work and the never ending challenges of life are getting too much for you, and that you can only bend so far before you’re in real danger of (emotionally) snapping? Or perhaps you are dealing with a stressful personal or family situation that is crushing the joy out of your life? Or maybe you have worked all the hours under the sun, enjoyed great success in your career and accumulated many of the fancy trappings of wealth, yet still notice a profound sense of emptiness and a nagging feeling that there must be something more to life. If this sounds like you, and your life is out of balance, or devoid of purpose, we highly recommend a rejuvenating and tranquil weekend at the Happy Buddha Yoga Retreat.

Health Retreats New South Wales

Recharge your physical, emotional and spiritual batteries beside the invigorating Killcare Beach, on the New South Wales central coast.

Our stunning yoga retreat on the Bouddi Peninsula is just a short stroll from the sparkling blue ocean and is surrounded by the wild and wonderful Bouddi National Park, which features a fascinating and diverse bush landscape, fabulous rock formations and multiple secluded beaches. Bush trails meander along the coast and deep into the hinterland, offering many spectacular views and a chance to commune with nature at its most raw and elemental form.

A Million Miles From Anywhere – But Less Than One and a Half Hours’ Drive from Sydney

Despite giving the impression that your are far from civilization, our retreat actually lies less than 1 ½ hours’ drive from Sydney, meaning you can easily factor in a rejuvenating yoga weekend by arriving after work on Friday evening, and getting back home in time for dinner on Sunday night.

Learn from One of Australia’s Foremost Yoga Teachers

Founded by chief yoga instructor and spiritual leader, Athill Singh, the Happy Buddha Yoga Retreat allows you to unplug from the world for a weekend of much needed R&R. It gives you a chance to regroup, centre yourself and rethink your whole strategy for life. When you first step into our retreat you will be encouraged to leave your old mindset at the door, which means, among other things, abandoning your customary attachment to goals and achievements, to technology and to possessions. At Happy Buddha Retreats it’s all about being, not having. It’s about finding your inner child and treating both yourself and others in a new and kinder way, while nurturing a deep compassion for humanity and the natural world that we are all an intrinsic part of.

Combine Yoga and Meditation

Athill has spent many years presiding over the evolution of health programmes designed to enhance your sense of wellbeing and promote the flow of prana, which is the ancient Sanskrit word for life-force, also known in other eastern cultures as chi or ki. Nurturing this most powerful of energies brings huge benefits in terms of physical, mental and emotional healing, balance and vigour, which will remain with you long after you return to the daily routines of the real world. We run regular retreats at our centre throughout the year and our staff will be happy to help you decide on the best option for you.

Yoga For All Levels of Experience

You don’t need to be a yoga adept, able to sit in the classic lotus position for hours on end, or boast the flexibility and dance moves of a prima ballerina, to attend the Happy Buddha Retreats. Our retreats are all about fun, laughter and joy, and are open to students of all levels. At Happy Buddha we are all equals under God. Whoever you perceive God to be. Here, no one will judge you or push you beyond your limits. on the contrary, you will enjoy a level of compassion and support that you will probably never have experienced before. It doesn’t matter if you have a strong religious faith or no faith at all, because at Happy Buddha everyone is encouraged to share in the bliss and find their higher selves.

Take Inspiration From Athill Singh’s Personal Spiritual Journey

You sometimes find that life’s trials and tribulations bear unexpected fruit and lead you on paths that you would never have chosen, had these challenges not reared their ugly heads. In Athill’s case the catalyst was the excruciating lower back pain he once suffered, which led to feelings of stress that in turn fed the original pain, in a vicious circle of suffering. In desperation Athill turned to the ancient Indian practice of yoga. Yoga is far more than a number of painful looking postures (known as asanas) but actually a holistic system encompassing not just physical but also mental and spiritual practices, which combine to significantly increase health and wellbeing over a period of time.

Experience Our ‘Inner Joy Yoga Retreat

The pain and stress relief that Athill derived from his yoga practice resulted in him feeling a deep spiritual yearning to share its wonderful benefits, eventually leading to the establishment of the Happy Buddha Wellness Retreat. One of his core programmes is the ‘Inner Joy Retreat’, which offers two days of yoga, meditation and contemplation combined with organic vegetarian meals to feed your body and soul.

At Happy Buddha we never get tired of seeing our guests arriving with the weight of the world clearly on their shoulders, but leaving with a sense of lightness and serenity, their spiritual batteries fully recharged and eager to incorporate their newly acquired practices into their everyday lives. With the huge rise in stress-related illnesses, it make sense to take time out and give your body a chance to recover. Because if you don’t deserve it, then who does?

Enjoy Some Quality ‘You Time’ Between Yoga and Meditation Classes

At Happy Buddha Yoga Retreats, we know that you’re here to relax and find balance again. Sometimes that relaxation needs to come in the form of group activities. And sometimes it needs to come in the form of some quite ‘You Time’.  And for moments like this, we offer the pristine Kilcare Beach, which is a wonderfully unspoilt crescent of golden sand, where you can enjoy an invigorating swim or walk along the beach. There are also cycle tracks, if you want to seek even more seclusion or perhaps take a picnic to enjoy in the bush or on a clifftop lookout.

Relax in Our Comfortable and Spacious Retreat Accommodation

Once the day’s dance, yoga and meditation is over you can relax in our inviting communal areas with yummy organic vegetarian meals prepared by the talented Maven Kylie, who also offers cooking classes for those who want to replicate her tasty dishes at home.

Then, with the days’ wonderful activities behind you, you can retire to your clean and comfortable room and sleep like a baby, safe in the knowledge that balance has once more been restored in your life.

Please Call Now to Book Your Happy Buddha Yoga Retreat

You deserve to gain the balance that’s been missing in your life. So call 0458 911 327, today. The calmness and tranquillity you seek is but a phone call away.

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What Our Client Says

Thank you from my heart for a truly wonderful yoga retreat weekend. My mind, body and soul feel lovingly nurtured and recharged! Thank you Athill and Sarah for all of the superb yoga sessions. They were all interesting and varied.

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